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So, how do you thank someone for suggesting you for a Daily Deviation. I just don't know.
Go check out :iconunicornreality:. She has MANY resources for us Deviants. From stock and avatars, to stamps and tutorials, she has you covered! She is featured over on my main account.
Just... wow.

This will be my stock account. I found I had so many tree shots and textures that I needed to share! Use what you like, just link and note me.

My main account is :iconredwolf518:

I will add textures to this account as I make/shoot them as well as some from the other page.. That's it. I can't wait to see what you can do...

This texture stock 61 by redwolf518stock has been featured here… by :iconstock7000:. Thanks!

This texture stock 212 by redwolf518stock has been featured here…. by :iconunicornreality: Thanks!

AND texture stock 160 by redwolf518stock got a DD thanks to her!

These texture stock 232 by redwolf518stock texture stock 237 by redwolf518stock texture stock 242 by redwolf518stock are featured here…
Big thanks to Stock7000. Check out his site for LOTS of great stock!

These texture stock 231 by redwolf518stock texture stock 211 by redwolf518stock texture stock 233 by redwolf518stock Texture Stock 250 by redwolf518stock
are featured here… by pendlestock. She rocks so hard! Check her out. :iconpendlestock:

This texture stock 255 by redwolf518stock has been featured here… Thanks again to Stock7000! :iconstock7000:

This texture stock 270 by redwolf518stock is featured here… by :iconstock7000:. Thanks, man!
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Submitted on
July 13, 2009