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Submitted on
June 28, 2011



Daily Deviation and Harry Potter

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 28, 2011, 9:43 PM
More textures than you can shake a stick at!

Use all you want, I'll make more. Just link to here and drop me a note!


Those I feature, and those that feature me!

You know that one piece in your gallery... that one, special piece... the one that you looked at and said to yourself "Yeah, I think I really want to DO this stuff!" For me, that piece is

Today, that piece received a Daily Deviation on my art account
:iconredwolf518:. This makes me very happy. :icongrin--plz:
Thanks go to :iconcapricordestin: who suggested it, and to :iconkaz-d: who featured it. I can't tell you what this means to me. Thanks!

Harry Potter

Our family just had a Harry Potter week. We watched a movie every night, and went to the theater and did the last one yesterday. During the day
we would play the Lego video game and make up challenges on it (best times, high scores, ect...) We did art projects and Lego building challenges. We also
enjoyed various drinks and snacks from the Potter world, like pumpkin cakes… and butter beer.  
Each of the boys made up their own "houses" and we had a house cup contest. The boys were awarded points for various tasks and challenges that were tallied
to see who won the "cup." The winner gets his own set of Quidditch robes! It was a great week, to be sure. We all had a blast and the last movie was just...
WOW! A great ending. We'll be doing a Pixar week just before school starts, and we're really looking forward to that!

My Tumblr
Do you Tumbl? Let me know! :D

Some of my favorite Harry Potter Art...

Tom Riddle Commission by GraveYardCannibalHarry Potter VS the Horntail by JoniGodoySirius Black by UMINGA
Harry and Hedwig the 19th by MollindaSnape. by joeyv7Nerd Love: Harry Potter by renton1313Severus Snape by Stanbos
Young Severus Snape by e-c-hHarry Potter DH Poster by CAMartinCollab: I Have Nothing To Hide by joeyv7

And check out this evolving comic...


By :iconjoeyv7: and :icone-c-h:


One of mine from :iconredwolf518:

Harry vs. The Dementors by redwolf518


Texture Stock 500 by redwolf518stock Featured! Here… by :iconshelldevil:

Joeyv7 Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Featured! Here… by :iconunicornreality:

Monster by redwolf518stock Featured! Here… by :iconlwsypher:

GojiraGirl75 Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Featured! Here… by :icongojiragirl75:

W. Ferrell Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Featured! Here… by :iconshelldevil:

T. F. Wilson Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Featured! Here… by :iconann-mclaren:

Existence IS Futile Texture by redwolf518stock Featured! Here… by :icongojiragirl75:

dA Stockers A - Z Directory by FantasyStock

:wave: Thank you! :wave:



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e-c-h Aug 1, 2011  Professional General Artist
Sounds like you had a really great time! That's a lotta HP to pack into a week :D

Thank you so much for featuring my work and my collabs with :iconjoeyv7:!!! :icon0inuloveplz::icon0inuloveplz::icon0inuloveplz::icon0inuloveplz: So nice of you :)
It is very much my pleasure! You two make such a wonderful team, I can't wait to see more :icongrin--plz:
:iconiloveyouplz: What an awesome family week! Thanks for including my work with your Potter journal :iconpotterllamaplz:
You bet! Having finally seen the movie, I am even more impressed with your take on our favorite potions professor. I suspected as much, but it was nice to see. You'll have to explain a few things to me, though, eventually, re: Snape and Lilly. :D
Never do things by halves, do you!? Hah - absolutely wicked shots!! I am EXTREMELY impressed with your story. I mean.. *cough* it'll do... :D
Glad you're all okay, too xD
I take direction well! :D
Morphine-Cloud Jun 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. Cheers! :D
Thank you so much for the feature :wave:
You're welcome. Cheers! :D
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