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December 13, 2010



The Rewards of Being a Stock Provider

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 13, 2010, 10:08 PM
What's Happening


Shameless Self Promotion

redwolf518 :iconredwolf518: :iconredwolf518: :iconredwolf518: redwolf518


Those I feature, and those that feature me!

Just some of the fantastic artwork done using some of my resources!

Elven Shepherds by adreamrage

Chani by A-FornerotGreed is Eternal, so is Credit by dsibleyTo Drown: A Dream by CearaFinn

Up and Down by Saphitri:thumb149585689:Insomnia by Vlue

Bioshocked - Set 1 by 100SeedlessPenguinsIbis Falls by violscraperBall of Summer by Kagit

Cardgame by LoucifePhantomhive by DruellaBlackRosier:thumb175050476:

Bday by j0rdanchoBefore It's Too Late by KingBraddersThe Sky is Open by GeniusBee

Masquerade by Lemmy-XDancing... Til I Find You by ManwathiellIris and Zephyr by mari-na

The Enlightenment by KancanoChain by LordSkizzScary games by TheRedRidingHood

Vitruvius by 3featherssense me by gastrovascularlive for today by Mlsandahl

Autumn Spirit - Part I by Morphine-CloudMy Sacrifice by dsibleyrust bucket. by alovernotafighter

Rowing at sunset by ShlomitMessicaAgainst All Odds by imagineccentricityBatman- Nightmare by NitrusOxide

Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by LeoRiq

paramo by Lwsypher


A few of my own resources :wave:

texture stock 296 by redwolf518stocktexture stock blue 001 by redwolf518stocktexture stock 232 by redwolf518stock

texture stock bokeh silver 025 by redwolf518stock

A few things from my art account.

:iconredwolf518: :iconredwolf518: :iconredwolf518:

Setting in Autumn by redwolf518Thanksgiving Palette by redwolf518Delta Flow by redwolf518

Winter's Roost by redwolf518:thumb188534884:


My Daily Deviations
Texture Stock 500 by redwolf518stock texture stock 160 by redwolf518stock


T. Burton Pumpkin Stock by redwolf518stock Featured! Here… by :iconartbycher: and Here… by :iconspirit-of-the-fire:

C. Fisher Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Featured! Here… by :iconrescuersq:

Texture Stock 500 by redwolf518stock Featured! Here… by :iconshelldevil:

Joeyv7 Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Featured! Here… by :iconunicornreality:

:wave: Thank you! :wave:

Journal Design by SkadiWu

PS Brushes: wyckedBrush Darkresources JamesRushforth
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That's so true... it's really cool to be a stock provider because you get to see such
great things done with your resources!!! :clap:

And your textures are particularly good!!! :tighthug:

Thanks for showing the dancer here... your texture was of great help!

It is always my pleasure. I hope you have a wonderful day! (Have a slice of cake for me!)
TheRedRidingHood Jan 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for featuring me. Sorry for the late reply!

REally nice feature, mate. See you around!
You are very welcome. Cheers! :D
TheRedRidingHood Jan 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for featuring me. Sorry for the late reply!

REally nice feature, mate. See you around!
GojiraGirl75 Dec 27, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Beautiful works, your resources are truly inspiring:heart:, thank you for including mine:blushes:

Also, I hope you and your family had a great Christmas, cheers for a awesome New Year to all of us!:santa:
Wow! What a wonderful holiday surprise! I about fell over when I saw it. You are, truly, an excellent artist and a great friend. I'm so happy I met you! I shall try to earn and deserve the sub all year long.
Our Christmas was outstanding. Really, it will be remembered by us all for a long time. Everything worked, the kids were thrilled and we went into just a bit of debt! Absolutely perfect. Or so I thought. Now this. NOW it's perfect. Thank you so much.
Happy, Happy Holidays!
GojiraGirl75 Jan 14, 2011  Student Digital Artist
:aww: You totally deserve it my dear, you give so much to the DA community, thanks for being an amazing, super talented, generous artist!

I am glad I met you too, and so many other artists as well who are excellent human beings, I am glad I could do this for you:dance:.

Thank you so much for all your support and friendship:glomp: but I am far from being an excellent artist:blush: I am enjoying the learning part of it a lot though:heart:

I am so happy to know that your Christmas was great! Give my hugs to your wife and kids:hug: and a happy 2011 and rest of Winter to us all:snowing:.

A talented artist that knows her limitations and strives to break them is an excellent artist! I think we keep getting better. And, I think this site and our friends are among the many reasons why. :D

Hugs applied. All is well! :wave: Cheers!
GojiraGirl75 Jul 11, 2011  Student Digital Artist
*sorry for the late reply*

Wow! Thank you so much for such an inspired comment, you are brilliant!

It's good to be back to DA...finally:love:
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